How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

Shipping of vehicles is an undeniable scenario that comes indispensable whenever you plan to carry out shifting process. Car transporting will take hours or days based on the type of shipping. The vehicle can be delivered earlier on regional shipping, while it might take days for international process and so their rates vary in account with certain factors.

The Significant Factors that Determine The Cost of Shipping Are:

The Distance Covered

The distance is the major factor that impact large on transport quote. It is obvious that the greater distance will burn more dollars than the shorter miles. But still, the prices for the same distance might differ based on the proximity to reach the main highways where the automobile need to be hauled. Make sure you are on the reachable course in order to cut down the charges.


The price of fuel fluctuates on timely basis. This reflects on the variation of cost changes in the actual price quote. It would take $400 for gas if you prefer to choose drive at 20 miles/gallon. This is the most expensive part that determines your rate factor.

Type of Vehicles

Shipping of smaller vehicles like car and motorcycle tend to be cheaper than shipping the large sedans. If heavy sedans need to transported then low boy trailers are equipped for hauling the heavy automobiles which will be quite expensive than the regular one.

Type of Transports

Open auto transport and enclosed auto transport are the two major categories involved in moving the vehicles to other regions. In open auto transport, cars are shipped in an open carrier which accommodates more cars in a single trailer. Hence it is cheaper to opt. On the other hand enclosed type of transport is of more expensive as the vehicles are loaded in an enclosed trailer which protects from damage and other minor scratches.

Type of Services

Terminal-to-Terminal services are quite expensive as the terminal storage fees mount on the number of days the car is kept in the terminal yard. Ensure you are on the closer miles to collect your vehicle from the terminal yard. As these constraints do not apply to Door-to-Door services the charges are comparatively less for this kind of service.

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