Auto Transport Tips

Are you looking to hire an auto transport service? Stop here and check out the features you need to be more concerned on.

  • Get multiple auto transport quotes from companies before sticking on to the single service. This will fetch you with range of options in picking out your desired quote rather than compromising with the prefixed charges.
  • Ensure you don't keep any personal belongings in the car which is being shipped. Most of the companies won't accept this state of transport. If then you want to load your personal items then you are doing it in your own risk, the company is not liable for that.
  • Check the level of fuel in your vehicle it is recommended to have only ΒΌ tank of gas, run down in case of any extra fuel.
  • Disable or turn off the security alarm system in the car, it also helps saving your battery charge.
  • Remember to get an inspection report from the car shipping company which will be signed by both the owner and driver of the concerned company. This will help to acquire claims if any damage occurs.
  • Ask the transport company a copy of their insurance coverage in need to know whether your vehicle is insured against damage and theft.
  • Do not pay the advance/deposit more than 25% of your total payment and pay your due amount only after you receive your vehicle in a proper condition.
  • Check the tire pressure, battery condition and antifreeze levels of your car before being getting shipped.
  • Be clear on the type of method you are going to opt for- open trailer transport/ enclosed trailer transport and also the course of delivery method- door-to-door/ terminal-to-terminal/port-to-port.
  • Last but not the least; make sure you are making your deal with an authorized legal licensed company in order to have hassle free shipping experience.

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