Auto Transport Process

If it is the first time you are planning to ship your vehicle then know how the auto transport process works in each stage.

Submit Your Auto Transport Details

Generally you will have an idea of what service you are going to decide upon, yet you can avail multiple price quotes from companies by just submitting your auto transport details. It is not necessary to submit the entire in-depth descriptions of vehicle it is enough to specify information for the asked requirements.

Get Auto Transport Quotes

Once your request gets processed with the auto transport company you will receive the transport quotes from multiple concerned companies.

Choose Your Desired Company

On analyzing the pros and cons decide on the specific auto transport company for placing your order. It is quite natural to receive cheaper quotes from companies but don't prioritize by just having the dollar as your major factor look to the positive reviews and other terms and policies to discover the originality of your accepted auto transport company.

Confirmation Report

This is just like an acknowledgement to confirm the pickup and delivery dates, type of carrier and the covered source and destination points.

Get an Inspection Report

This is the most important step. You will get an inspection report from the transport company detailing out the status of your car before your vehicle is on board. Before you sign, take time to inspect the report whether it highlights the true status of the car.

Receive Your Car at The Destination Point

Once the vehicle is unloaded you will receive a call from the concerned person after which you can collect your sedan with appropriate bills and due amount has to be paid after receiving the car at destination point.

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