Open Auto Transport

When you prefer to ship your car anywhere regionally the most available and common mode of transport you will be dealing with is either the open auto transport or enclosed auto transport. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and when you plan to hire any auto transport services have little knowledge about the process and benefits so that you can make your deal better.

Open Auto Transport Process

In this method the cars are hauled into the open carriers of base type or double-decker. During the transport, the vehicles are exposed to external factors such as temperature, rain, dust and wind which may cause certain impacts on your vehicle. It is not assured that the automobiles shipped through open trailers are always prone to damage however in most of the cases the cars are delivered in the same condition as before they were on board. Most of the companies engage trained truckers to carry out this process hence your vehicles will be safely delivered on to the destination point. This method saves you some dollars as many cars are lined up in the single carrier sharing the total expense amount. Insurance coverage and other claims are also included in this type of transport.


Highlighted are some of the tips need to be considered before hiring an open auto transport service.

  • Plan your transport on sunny days in order to avoid rain and wind conditions that deposit dust particles and unwanted smudges on the car.
  • In case of double-decker carrier, load your cars on the top level so that you can save your car from dripping fluids.
  • Don't ever try to cover the vehicle with tarp or other cover sheets because wind will often blow it off causing damage or paint stains on your car.
  • If you look to ship any costly, antique and vintage cars better go with enclosed method as it provides complete safety and security.
  • Check out the ramp which is used to haul cars into the carriers because it can present a hazard in case of slippery conditions.

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