The-Automover Glossary

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The roof holds up on either side of A car's windshield.


The branch of mechanics, which deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the run. In car design the positive and also negative lift of the airflow is studied in wind tunnels.

Air Dam:

Front spoilers mount beneath the bumper and created to reduce the airflow under the car. Air dams could increase the airflow to radiators, decrease aerodynamic drag, and/or reduce lift.

Alloy wheels:

Wheels generally made of aluminum alloy; installed to improve appearance. Alloy wheels are fewer levels to corrosion and could be drastically lighter than the equivalent steel wheels.


A device that converts rotating energy to AC current. Alternators give energy for the vehicle electrical system. The alternator even recharges the battery.


Four-wheeled passenger motor vehicle have a seating capacity for not more than 12 people including police cars and racing cars but not counting ambulances or hearses.