Enclosed Car Shipping

Auto transport has extended its root deep in providing transport services to people. It is not just one but has different categories of car shipping involved in offering the range of auto transport service and one among the service is enclosed car shipping.

Why Need to Option for Enclosed Car Transport?

While there appears a need to ship a car in parallel arise the concern to make it reach safe to the destination. Enclosed type of transport is specially meant for those protection factors ensuring your vehicle on the safer course of move. If you plan to ship any expensive car then this method will suit perfect in fulfilling your need.


The vehicles are loaded into an enclosed carrier where the sedan is tightly held within the trailer protecting it exposing from external factors such as temperature, rain, wind and dust. This enclosing acts as a complete shield in preventing the car from minor scratches and scrapes.


In the enclosed method as the cars are hauled directly by the auto transporters it provides time flexibility to customers to pick up and drop off at any convenient time. Less manpower is sufficient to take up the process and many numbers of vehicle can be hauled at a single attempt.

Tracking Facilities

The major advantage of this method is that the transport status of the vehicle can be tracked such as where the transport is currently operated on and how much time it will take to reach the destination. The method ensures your coupé to reach on time without any delay.

Insurance Package

As far as enclosed auto transport is considered you can claim for greater insurance package in case of damage occurs. None of the other methods cover this type of huge insurance benefits. Enclosed car shipping is the perfect method to ship your luxury car with utmost care and concern. No external factors or road conditions will cause impact on the vehicle. Your car will be shipped as such in the same condition as previously remained with you.

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