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Air Transport Services


Air Transportation is the best choice if you need quick and efficient way to get your belongings to where ever you want.

Do you need Air transport services???...
The Automover provides the easy way of moving your belonging safely to the correct destination in the limited time in a very reasonable cost when compared to the others.

Relocating pet Air Transportation
The connection between pets and people is a beloved one. As you consider moving your family pet by air transportation as you are relocating, you want the best for your pet to travel. Since in the Air, Animal holds the welfare and safety of your family pet as our primary consideration. We provide a professionalized transportation for relocating pet.

Want to take your precious car to your relocating country with maximum safety???...
As an airfreight forwarder we are able to offer your car to freigth hundreds of outbound countries all over the world. The shipper program we offer services on freighters to unknown shippers as well. We have our services all over the world and can have your cargos picked up, insured and exported in conformity with all government and production regulations. We can also provide door-to-door services to some selected countries. Thus we promise to freight your cars safely.

Freighting fresh items like Food items, Flowers..
Fresh plants, Flowers, Fresh produce, seafood and other perishable Frozen foods Industrial materialst, livestock, marine and exotic animals are also been freighted by us.

To facilitate receipt, storage and making up of export cargo, separate sheds have been allotted to Air India and Indian Airlines in Air Cargo Export Complex. Air India not only handles cargo meant to be shipped by their own flights but also act as agents for foreign Airlines, which accept export cargo from Madras. Indian Airlines handles cargo meant for export through their own flights directly to foreign destination or to other domestic gate way ports for ultimate foreign destinations.

The Airlines, being the custodian of the Customs cleared cargo, will ensure that only such cargo for which ‘Let Export’ has been given are taken into their storage area without delay.The Airlines will also ensure that the un-examined cargo is not mixed up with the cargo already examined and cleared by Airlines.The Export Freight Officer posted on duty, would keep a constant watch over the situation and monitor that the Airlines adhere to the above requirements.

Things that are NOT Freighted by us.
Highly Flammable, explosive, corrosive items such as Acid, Aerosols, Ammunition, Charcoal, Chemistry Sets, Cleaning Fluid, Fertilizer, Fireworks, Gasoline Poisons, Kerosene, Lamp Oil, Lighter Fluid, Liquid Bleach, Loaded Weapons, Matches, Motor Oil, Nail Polish & Remover, Paints, Paint Thinner, Pesticides, Propane Tanks, Weed Killer will not be freighted by the Automovers.

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